Great White Shark Tours

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Great White Shark Tours

Come join Outermost Harbor for one of our truly unforgettable White Shark Tours. We had a 100% success rate in 2022! We have our two charter boats available to provide the best Great White Shark tour available. Our marina location is 5 min from the sharking grounds! Our location for departure means more time with the sharks. Seeing, and spending time, with these amazing apex predators will almost feel surreal. They fully know they are at the top of the food chain and will allow us to glide along side them without hesitation.  Guided by an experienced spotter plane above, finding and spending time with our local resident Great White Sharks has never been better. Visitors and locals alike can participate in ‘Citizens Science’ as they add white shark sightings to the Sharktivity App, and record observations to be shared with the white shark research team. Our guest experience is truly cannot be beat.

The trips are 2.5 hours and will focus on the ecology, shifting sands/marine landscape of Monomoy, and interaction between the seal colonies and the sharks that occur on our doorstep. Peak season is July-Oct for these trips. Like any free-swimming marine creature, shark sightings are not guaranteed but we have seen them, with cooperative weather conditions, nearly every trip out. Please contact us for availability and pricing for this unique and immersive shark experience. Truly bucket-list material!

Great White Shark Tours

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