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Spring and Fall Service Request

At Outermost Harbor Marine we provide full service including hauling, winter service with storage, launching and service in the spring. All servicing is available to any boat owner, whether using our facilities for the summer season or not. Please read through the information below, and scroll down to the online form and complete all the lines applicable to your boat. Some fields of the form are required.

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It has been a great season here at Outermost and we are sad to see it come to an end. As we near the end of our season it is time to start thinking about prepping your boat for the winter. As you may know Outermost has been awarded Best Marina in Chatham three years running. Thank you all for making that possible! We look forward to seeing you all for the upcoming season!

We are currently experiencing problems with using Safari Browsers to fill out the forms. We are trying to work this out now but in the mean time if you could please use another browser that would be great!

Devin Kahn General Manager/Owner Devin@outermostharbor.com
Harrison Kahn Owner Harrison@outermostharbor.com
Farrell Kahn Customer Service Farrellkahn@outermostharbor.com
Todd Pope Service Manager Service@outermostharbor.com
Drew Downing Sales Manager Sales@outermostharbor.com

Spring Launch Dates are very important. Please complete the attached form as soon as possible so we can do our best to comply with your needs for launching. We realize that schedules change and if changes need to be made contact us as soon as possible so we have the correct date.
As you may know, we added thirty new racks to our Marina last spring. Any new customer that you refer to the marina will earn you a referral credit!

Please make sure that we have a current copy of your insurance on file. OHM must be listed on your policy as ‘Additional Insured’.

Please do not forget to remove all personal items on your boat before winterization!

Do not hesitate to call Harrison Kahn with any questions about this form at 508-945-2030.

Special Suggestions

Recommendation #1

OHM now has a state of the art injector cleaning machine to make sure your engine is running at its best. This service is recommended every other year. Dirty injectors can cause many performance related issues with your engine. By delivering the correct mist of fuel with clean injectors your engine will run much more efficient.

Recommendation #2

We are recommending you replace your VST filters every other year. Regularly changing your filter can improve the life of your engine

Recommendation #3

We also recommend changing your water pump every other year. This can also extend the life of your engine.

Recommendation #4

We also recommend that you also change the thermostat every other year.

Recommendation #5

Get your boat looking show room new! Have us compound and wax your hull and topsides to give it that new boat luster. The results will be beyond your expectations! Check the box on the fall service request.

Let us know if there is any special work you would like done to your boat this winter including updating your electronics. Don’t forget to check the box on the fall service request, and describe to us the desired work, and we will call you with an estimate.

Keep reading after the form. You’ll find more information about special offers and payment plans.

Spring and Fall Service Request Form

When completing this form, and pressing ‘Submit’, look out for a message saying the form is successfully completed, and the ‘Thank you’ page. If you do not see this, scroll back upwards and look for the entries which have errors and correct them, then press ‘Submit’ again until your form is successfully completed.

You are required to check the box at the end of the form that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions.
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    Personal Information

    Insurance Information (only required for slip, rack and mooring customers)

    Fall Service/Storage/Hauling Information

    If you're having trouble choosing your date from the calendar, try typing in a date (mm/dd/yyyy) Below.

    Choose Fall Service Package from the following three options, and if required, add your special instructions below

    Bronze Fall Package

    • Winterize outboard engines: includes flush, fogging oil, grease (Four Stroke engines receive oil and filter change)
    • Winterize inboard or Inboard/Outboard
    • Check prop for damage and provide an estimate on reconditioning prop as needed

    Silver Fall Package

    • Pressure Wash Bottom/ Acid Wash Waterline/Hull
    • Any gear left on the boat for the winter will be cleaned at prevailing labor rate to reduce mold growth through the winter season
    • Clean Boat: Remove, wash, inventory gear left on boat, send copy of inventory to customer, and store gear on boat
    • Wash exterior hull and motor
    • Wash interior including topsides, wells, and compartments
    • Winterize Boat Systems:-Head service/ winterize fresh water systems
    • Shrink Wrap Boat
    • Estimate on repairing any nicks in gel coat
    • Storage: Winter Boat Storage, Store Electronics, Store Batteries
    • Include all Bronze Package Services

    Gold Fall Package

    • The Ultimate - Hand us the keys and we do the rest
    • Bottom Paint
    • Topside Wax
    • Clean Aluminum Fittings, T-tops
    • Include all Silver Package Services

    (New state of the art injector cleaning machine to make sure your engine is running the best and most efficient it possibly can)

    Choose Spring Service Package and add your special instructions below

    Spring Launch Information

    Bronze Package (Engine Maintenance Only)

    Inspect, clean, adjust or replace: Fuel filter Fuel system, Throttle link, Idle speed, Spark plugs, Power tilt & trim Wiring connections, Charge/reinstall battery(s), External anode, Grease points, Top cowling latch, Motor exterior, Exhaust or water passage leakage, Thermostat, Pressure relief valve, Timing belt, Oil pump
    Check fluid levels, Install propeller, sand and paint lower unit, Top off Gas.

    Silver Package (Make sure everything works, no painting or detailing)

    Check boat systems, may include: Gauges, steering, pumps, hoses, thru hulls, lights, horn, wipers, controls, plugs, install electronics if necessary, flush and fill fresh water systems if boat has one, install canvas and drop curtains if stored on the boat, check registration numbers, letters replace if missing, check essential safety equipment.
    Include Bronze Package Services

    Gold Package

    Uncover Shrink Wrap, recycle shrink wrap removed from boat
    Bottom Paint: Recoat with Pettit Hydrocoat Ablative Paint (this is the preferred paint - no build-up, helps maintain boat speed), includes paint and all material
    Extra sanding/scraping is extra at time plus materials
    Wax hull sides and motor, rails and chrome
    Spring cleaning is included if OHM has previously cleaned your boat in the fall
    Include Silver Package Services

     VIP Slip Program Offerings

    Your Choice of Extended Payment Terms or Early Payment Discount!
    This year’s Value Inclusive Plan package for your boat includes:

    • Slip Rental (May 1-October 31)
    • FREE Fall Haul-Out and Delivery (to any Chatham location)
      • $10.00/ft. min. value
    • FREE Winter Storage at OHM (November 1-April 30)
      • $5 /Sq.Ft. value
    • FREE Spring Pick-Up and Launching (from any Chatham location)
      • $10.00/ft. min. value

    Pre-Season Rental Payment Plans

    1. 3% Discount for Payment* in Full by October 1,
      *Payable by check only
    2. 2% Discount for Payment* in Full by November 1,
      *Payable by check only
    3. Four Equal Payments*
      *Payable by check only
      25% due October 1,
      25% due November 1,
      25% due December 1,
      25% due January 1,

    Please note that all rental charge calculations are based on Length Over All (LOA) of your boat. LOA is the length of the boat plus any- bow pulpit, platforms, brackets and outboard motors…generally at 2 feet each. We will be working hard to assign each customer a slip which most comfortably accommodates the LOA and width of their boats. Late payments are subject to interest, penalties and/or slip forfeiture.

    We really appreciate all of your recommendations in the past and would like to reward you further with a credit to your account for your suggestions. We would like to hear from you about how we can make your experience at the Marina better!

    For the referral credits to your account, please call our office or send an email, with the names of your referral customers, so that we may register them.

    For any questions you may have…
    Please contact Harrison Kahn at 508-945-2030 or email: harrisonkahn@outermostharbor.com
    Once again, thank you for a wonderful season at Outermost Harbor.
    The entire OHM crew will look forward to seeing you next summer.
    Have a safe, happy and healthy winter.

    Devin, Harrison & Farrell

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