The weigh in station will be located at the back of the marina near the shuttle dock. There will also be a tournament book inside of the marina with up to date tournament information. Weekly and monthly emails will be sent out updating tournament standings.This tournament was set up to promote a friendly competition for our customers. All entry fees will go towards prizes for contestants participating in the events. We hope this will help our customers find a friendly comradery.

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For any comments and or suggestions about the tournament please contact either:
Capt. Devin: devinkahn@box2038.temp.domains
Capt. Derek: captain@box2038.temp.domains

Tournament Rules:

1.All participants must be OHM customers. No outside boat will be able to enter the tournament.
2.The tournaments will begin June 1st and end September 30th.
3.Anglers will be allowed to sign up at any time until the end of the tournament.
Anglers must be entered into the tournament before leaving the dock for the day.
4.Fish will be judged by weight only, not length.
5.Weigh in times are Monday-Sunday 8am-5pm.
6.The tournament VHF channel will be 80. Please notify the marina when you are close and we will prepare the weigh station.
7.All boats can leave from any port of their choosing.
8.All tournament boats must weigh fish in at OHM. If you do not dock your boat at the marina you may bring your fish to be weighed in by vehicle.
9.The angler must fight the fish exclusively.
10.Fish must be hooked, fought and landed from the same boat.
11.After fish is weighed customer is responsible for removal.
12.There will be no line class or tackle limitation for this tournament.
13.Anglers will be allowed to fight stand up, out of rod holder, and or fighting chair.
14.All fish must adhere to state and federal regulations to qualify for this tournament.
15.Fish may be given freshness test if employee deems necessary.
16.OHM assumes no responsibility for the conduct or safety of any boats or entrants. All participants enter the tournament at their own risk.

How to Enter: